Dedicated to helping families pay a portion of an infant’s burial costs. The infant must be full gestation of 20 weeks and up to 28 days old.
140 Oak Street - Windber, PA 15963


We encourage you to send us any of your questions or comments about the Lucas Foundation. To make a donation, request information or verification about our organization, please contact us by phone, e-mail form (below) or by U.S. Postal Service. We are willing to help in any way, shape or form that we can.

Mailing Address: 
140 Oak Street, Windber PA, 15963
Phone: 814.487.4295

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    Addtional verification can be found at:
    140 Oak Street, Windber, Pennsylvania 15936
    Phone: (814) 487-4295

    21 Colonial Drive, Davidsville, Pennsylvania 15928
    Phone: 814.479.4131

    98 Colgate Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15905
    Phone: 814.535.5477.